Learn more about the creators behind STUDIO SYNKAI’s works


Chandelier Vincent Meli

Chandelier Vincent Meli, commonly known by his middle name Vincent, is the founder of STUDIO SYNKAI. Vicent is the Chief director, artist, and the main author for Evangelion: You Can (not) Amend, and PARADIGM ULTIMATUM. He started the studio in hopes of creating art to uplift people’s spirits and make people smile. His goal is to one day direct an animated feature film! He spends his day managing the studio, drawing, and other tasks.

Dako Chisay

Dako-Chisay is currently working as Art Director for Evangelion: You can (not) Amend, stepping down as lead artist for STUDIO SYNKAI to focus more on family life. Dako also works on independent commission work under “MonykerArt” as well as through the studio. Originally a painter and traditional media artist, Dako transitioned to digital art in early 2018. All their work has been produced through trial and error.

“Doc” Amadeus

Amadeus, who often goes by “Doc”, is the producer and editor of Evangelion: You can (not) Amend, and a founding member STUDIO SYNKAI. Amadeus was brought in on the project due to his years of experience in worldbuilding, and a deep interest and knowledge on Evangelion lore, and an understanding of its themes. Besides working on Amend, Amadeus is hard at work on his own worldbuilding project.

Matthew Langley

Matthew Langley spends his days making sounds, doodling around and making rhymes.



Kristen is a professional watercolor artist. She has completed projects for the New York City Department of Transportation and Nickelodeon. She grew up in the South before relocating to the Midwest. Her favorite hobbies include watching anime, discussing philosophy, and baking. Her favorite animal is a cat. Her favorite symbol is the yin yang.

Fredrik Östlund

Fredrik Östlund, otherwise known as Freddan755, is the assistant artist on STUDIO SYNKAI. He’s currently an art student who is helping with the studios newest project.


Dr_Mint is an artist specialized in pencil drawings, although he also dabbles with other traditional and digital technics. He also used to do photography and urbex. As a member of STUDIO SYNKAI, Dr_Mint is working on its visual identity, promotional materials, HYPERFRONT, and the website.


Founder of O D I O オディオ (Japanese, aesthetic, design) graphic designer, colorist.


Frank just does things. Mostly art related.


Digidragon also known as Digi is the digital colorist of STUDIO SYNKAI, he spends his days reading and coloring manga


Leonardo, aka volo34, is a young artist, mainly specialized in 3D art. What started as a hobby has become his dream job and with Studio Synkai he wants to continue learning and expanding his knowledge.


Oudeis, known as 0ud31s on reddit, is co-writer of Evangelion: You can (not) Amend. From the age of 14, he has been passionate about fiction and is an avid worldbuilder. Obsessed with details, he works on every aspect of a project, from the character design to the conlangs of his ambitious fantasy, and has also tried his hand at composing the soundtrack of his works. He is passionate about esotericism, in particular of Kabbalah, animated by the search for truth beyond divergences, but he does not disdain science, and the reconciliation of these two elements is the protagonist in his works as in his life.