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Please be aware we are a non-profit studio and you will not receive any pay. We are a passion-based, and passion-driven studio here to create art that we enjoy doing and producing. If you lose interest in any project you are in, feel free to quit. We are pretty laid back, so no pressure when joining.

If for some reason in the future things start changing and we begin to earning revenue, then people working at that time will get paid but selection of people joining the studio will go through a more formal application based forum or document and we will be selective of who we accept to work with us.

We consider two types of recruitment, assistance staff which are short-term members, and staff members which are long-term members.


You are an assistant that will help in certain production, you usually might leave if you want when you finish your time helping out. You will be credited in the production and in the position you were working in. If you are assisting with us in a time when the studio earns money you will be paid. If you are in a time when the studio is a non-profit then the only reason you will want to join is if you’re just very passionate of art, storytelling or you want to simply out of sheer goodwill.


Being a staff member means you intend to work for the studio for a long time. You get to choose on which production you will like to work on. You can even create your own product such as a manga, anime, picture book etc. If we earn money, what you create is yours, but the studio will have some share in that. These shares can be discussed by the studio. You can ask staff members in the studio to help you. If your manga or product you made is making money then the money is yours (shared with the studio by negotiating with the author). If you had staff helping you with it, then you’ll have to distribute any money earned fairly. This goes for money that can be earned through promotions, copies sold of your manga, etc. Remember when starting out your own product in the studio you must have approval by the founders first and state clearly whether you wish to earn money through your product or if it’s just a passion project. You cannot change this decision once made.


By agreeing to join the studio you are also agreeing to a contract of not to disclose information covered by the agreement. An NDA creates a confidential relationship between the studio and an individual or party who joins, this is to protect any type of confidential and proprietary information or trade secrets. As such, an NDA protects non-public business information. An example of this is that when the studio is working on a product that we did not yet announce to the public, you do not publicly reveal this information. You shouldn’t say anything the studio didn’t allow you to say.

Below are also roles anyone can join. If your desired role isn’t chosen that is ok, you will still get credited on the way you want to be.

Please note that, with any skills you may have you can be a staff member or as assistance staff. If you think you are good at a particular thing and if  it is not listed below, please contact one of the Synkai Founders.


Manga series development (highest roles):

  • Original Author
  • Planner
  • Editor
  • Main/Lead Artist

Production department (secondary roles):

  • Scriptwriter
  • Assistant Writer
  • Co-Artist
  • Assistant Artist
  • Letterman
  • Proofreader
  • Translator for Other Languages other than english
  • Video Editor for promotional material
  • Cover artist
  • Photography
  • Photoshop
  • Typography
  • Colorist
  • Voice Acting
  • Sound Design
  • Marketing
  • Music