Paradigm Ultimatum


An original manga, written and illustrated by Vincent. This manga follows the main protagonist Akihito and his friends who have a quest in changing the paradigm of society through the powers of art! These young men feel as if society treats art poorly and not taken seriously as a real occupation. There are many starving and striving artists and these boys want to change that for future artists!

The story begins in 2020, where the main character Akihito and his friends are in their last year of high school. Akihito’s four friends feature many traits: a boy named Joe who does music, Ryouto martial artist, Han a graphic designer and computer geek, and finally Goro an illustrator like Akihito but inexperienced. They will band together with their specialties and reform the anime and entertainment industry in hopes of chaining the working conditions and making them the best place to work for future artists/entertainers. They also want to conquer the world through the Otaku culture.

The boys’ quest continues in 2023, set three years later, in which he creates they open a studio called “STUDIO SYNKAI” and open the studio in Japan and the U.S. Later, Akihito loses his fortune when one of their rivals takes control of his enterprise; but Akihito and co., had met their downfall and had to work 100 times as harder to start another company in beating their 3 rivals who took over STUDIO SYNKAI. With intense hard work they over the anime industry with a feature film and anime that literally changed society in some form and got help from the Governments of both Japan and the U.S. in forming a supreme union in making healthier work conditions and a good income for artists and entertainers in any industry. At the peak of their ambitions, Akihito and friends create an Otakuland in 2032: the equivalent of Disneyland for otakus and everyone.

Many years later, Akihito and friends return to Otakuland in a post-apocalyptic submerged Japan and find its central structure, a giant robot, converted into a functional spaceship piloted by their old friends. Miraculously rejuvenated, they fly into space in search of “The Planet of Otaku”.