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The tenth issue of HYPERFRONT! Thank you for all your support and interest in our monthly magazine! We hope you enjoy this issue as much as you did last month. This month HYPERFRONT covers:

  • The second chapter of our production King of Knights
  • THE WOODS – Chapter 08 Part Two – Story and art by Josiah Burns
  • Evangelion: Genocide 0:13 / Onus – Story by Rommel, illustated by MRA-artworks and Dako Chisay

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide is a fan fiction written by Rommel, illustrated by MRA_Artworks. HYPERFRONT is publishing a new and revised edition of Genocide on a monthly basis.

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HYPERFRONT magazine is STUDIO SYNKAI’s own official magazine where people and artists can submit their arts and projects which can be in forms of illustrations, excerpts from their fan fictions/writerings, manga, and more. This magazine is to give artists and creatives a platform for their works to be seen by their targeted audiences. We hope through this magazine to create a strong, inspiring community where people can express themselves through the medium of art with growing and learning from others and having a good time. HYPERFRONT will also be a magazine where otaku’s can get news of otaku oriented culture such as anime, manga, and games. Expect interviews, analysis, fun facts and trivia! STUDIO SYNKAI also wants to hopefully be a reliable source of anime news one day through this magazine. We will try our best at giving accurate information. 

Mistakes will be made as it’s our first time doing a monthly magazine. Expect times where there might not be a magazine within a given month. But we will improve as time goes on and we wish people enjoy and share our magazine as we want to make it accessible to the masses.