Bye-Bye EVANGELION. Happy Shin EVA Release Day!

After many, many years, the EVANGELION Rebuild movies has been completed with the launch of EVANGELION: 3.0+1.0 – THRICE UPON A TIME. This was a long awaited film from many fans around the world. We at STUDIO SYNKAI will like to thank all of the staff whose worked hard at working on all the films. The Rebuild tetralogy was Studio khara’s first project and now that its all over, we are excited to see where they go next and Anno finally moving of from EVA.

Despite your feelings towards this movie, I think we can all agree that we (not) have closure on this franchise. STUDIO SYNKAI Will still continue doing the EVANGELION 3.0+1.0 fan manga. After we’ve done our project we take on other projects and the STUDIO will start to form it’s own identity. I, Vincent will still be doing fan EVA works like one shot Manga’s of EVA here and there because I still love this series. Doing this EVA project was a building block, a foundation for us to get our feet’s wet at making content like this as a team. Expect many more things about the STUDIO’s future on our next post entitled “THE NEW WAVE WE SET FORTH”

Once again, Thank You Anno and Studio khara.

and to everyone:


Sincerely, Vincent (STUDIO SYNKAI Founder)


Chapter 1 of ‘EVANGELION: You can (not) amend.’ is OUT NOW!

Hello, everyone! Vincent here! I’m happy to announce that chapter 1 of EVANGELION: You can (not) amend., is out now! This was a long awaited chapter that was supposed to be released last year back in October of 2020! We’ve encountered many production issues and thus had to be in hiatus to prepare a few things a bit. Chapter 2 will is currently under works and will be released when its done and ready to publish. I hope you enjoy this chapter and will join us for the ride in our 5 volume, and 26 chapters of our EVANGELION fan manga of 3.0+1.0! See you next time!

Read EVANGELION: You can (not) amend online!