About us

About us

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Company nameSTUDIO SYNKAIスタジオシンカイ (Japanese notation)
CreationAugust 27, 2020
Founders/RolesFounder, Chief Director: Chandelier Vincent Meli
Founder, Writer: Matthew Langley
Founder, Editor, Producer: Doc “Amadeus”
Founder, Lead Illustrative Artist: Dako Chisay
Main businessAnimation and Manga  planning and production


    Studio Synaki is a (currently) virtual multimedia studio, meaning we use more than one medium of expression or communication. Mainly the studio’s main medium and form of expression in the art are through the mediums of anime and manga. The studio was founded on August 27th, 2020, by founders; Chandelier Vincent Meli, Matt Langley, Dako-Chisay, and Doc “Amadeus”. The studio was initially formed based on a project called: ProjectE4E, a project in the making of a fan manga of the title film EVANGELION:3.0+1.0 THRICE UPON A TIME. Its production started in Early August and released its first chapter in September of 2020. The studio was formed for our passion to create art and storytelling through the medium of manga but we want to be more than just a manga production studio. What does ‘Synkai’ mean? Synkai is a combination of two words; ‘Syn’ for Synchronization, and ‘Kai’ in Japanese meaning “times” 回. Together those words say “Syncing in Times” and based on our principles it fundamentally means; working together at the same time to reach a common goal. 


Our mission is to make people happy through the things we create/produce. We want to inspire people that they can find happiness in many areas of life through art. We want to show people that they can triumph over struggle and adversity, to aim for the top, and be the best versions of themselves. We want to show people how beautiful and how cruel the world can be at times. We want to show people there’s more to life than what they currently see before their eyes. We want to show all how powerful art can be.

    We also wish to build a community full of artists through our soon launching magazine and currently discord server, where people can interact and share their interests, befriending each other, helping each other and overall making a place, a community where everyone can benefit from. Soon, the studio will launch a magazine where anyone can submit their artwork. Anything goes through which medium they would like to submit. (art, music, photography, poetry, short stories, etc,) The list goes on. More info will be published on the magazine’s proposal document. We will post it on our Twitter page once it arrives. 


We are open to forming connections with various entities, such as; Discord servers, communities, and whatnot. We are also open to forming connections with independent people such as artists, musicians, content creators, etc. We will only form connections such as those with similar interests such as ours. (i.e. communities with anime, manga, and anything in the arts field, artists, content creators, etc. ) When a connection or friendship is formed, said the new partnership will be promoted on our end through our social media accounts and our discord server. The behind this idea is helping each other grow and create a community where people can be happy (entities such as discord servers, amino apps, etc.)  and making people happy through whatever we both may produce together (independent or many people).