STUDIO SYNKAI’s official magazine


HYPERFRONT magazine is STUDIO SYNKAI’s own official magazine where people and artists can submit their arts and projects which can be in forms of illustrations, excerpts from their fan fictions/writerings, manga, and more. This magazine is to give artists and creatives a platform for their works to be seen by their targeted audiences. We hope through this magazine to create a strong, inspiring community where people can express themselves through the medium of art with growing and learning from others and having a good time. HYPERFRONT will also be a magazine where otaku’s can get news of otaku oriented culture such as anime, manga, and games. Expect interviews, analysis, fun facts and trivia! STUDIO SYNKAI also wants to hopefully be a reliable source of anime news one day through this magazine. We will try our best at giving accurate information. 

Mistakes will be made as it’s our first time doing a monthly magazine. Expect times where there might not be a magazine within a given month. But we will improve as time goes on and we wish people enjoy and share our magazine as we want to make it accessible to the masses.

How does it work?

HYPERFRONT is a monthly magazine that we’re aiming to publish at the end of every month. Submission deadlines are due by the 25th of every month. The magazine will usually come on the last day of the month or the first week of the next month. Things are subject to change, as of now that is how things will go. The magazine will have a featured art as the first page and followed by a table of contents page. The format of the magazine will as follows below:

  • Cover
  • Featured art of said month on first page
  • Table of contents
  • SYNKAI – What’s up with STUDIO SYNKAI? (things the studio did that month, including news of the studio, self-advertising, etc.)
  • STAFF ARTWORKS & PROJECTS – a compilation of the best artworks made by our staff members during that month. We will also showcase other side-projects they might be working on.
  • MANGA – SYNKAI PRODUCTION manga and other fan-submitted manga. These manga can be fan manga or original. When submitting a manga it will go through a phase of selection. Also if the manga does really well in terms of popularity, and has a large potential to be something greater the studio might offer the author the help of SYNKAI staff members and bring other of our assets into its production. This is of course, simply an offer. This will only apply to mangas that are originals, not fan mangas as no profit can be made through doing so. Mangaka’s can also leave tips and tricks they’ve done as well as notes.) 
  • ANIME & REVIEWS – Manga/anime news/review/recommendations, interviews, information, analysis, trivia, etc
  • FAN FICTION – Light Novel/Novellas/Novel submissions. These works can be fan fiction or original.
  • FAN ARTWORKS & PROJECTS – Our community best artworks and personal projects. It can be anything, music, fan arts, original arts, sketches, novellas, photographs, 3D models and render…
  • OP-ED – Want to speak your mind on a subject? This is the right place for that.
  • And finally miscellaneous contents.

The idea for submissions in our magazine is for artists to publish their works in the form of chapters which are easy for a viewer to consume. If a viewer likes your content and keeps seeing it every month, they will be willing to check you out and support you. Do not think that you are supposed to be talented to be able to submit. Have confidence in your capability that you can create something a person can enjoy.

How to submit?

Submit via our Discord in the the channel #hyperfront

 Link to the server: https://discord.gg/VV9C88azyd